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Future-Proof Your Digital Inventory with Daktronics

The future depends on the decisions you make now. A digital billboard that can handle your vision will help you generate more revenue both now and years down the road.

As the leader in digital billboard technology, partnering with Daktronics means selecting a provider that will make you and your advertisers not only look the best, but capture attention to set your message apart from the competition. That makes Daktronics the best value in the industry.


We Design Digital Billboards To Make You Money Long-Term

10-Year Brightness Guarantee

Future-Proofed Display Technology

Brighter Lights, Lower Consumption

Better Access, Faster Service

Simple, Fast Install

Snap Auto-Blending Technology

Remote Power Control

Parts Support for 12 Years

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Out of home digital billboards are powerful money-making tools. Digital opens the door for more ad slots, meaning more revenue. Calculate a total cost of ownership and discover your potential ROI, or share with your advertisers how much it costs to reach 1,000 people.

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Roadside Displays

Whether a roadside digital billboard or an urban display, Daktronics provides a variety of options to fit your needs and location, including a number of digital roadside options as well as high-resolution, small-format digital billboards for close-viewing audiences.


Industry Billboard Sizes

Industry Standard LED Billboard Sizes

11' x 22' (3 m x 7 m)

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10'6" x 36' (3 m x 11 m)
Jr. Bulletin

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14' x 48' (4 m x 15 m)

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20' x 60' (6 m x 18 m)

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Other OOH Product Applications


You Get What You Pay For

Benefits of Choosing the Industry Leader

Lab Services

Daktronics LED modules and power supplies have outstanding reliability. Our products give you peace of mind knowing your digital billboards are up, running properly and making you money.

Venus Control Suite

Our all-in-one, easy-to-use solution for controlling digital billboards allows users to update content from anywhere, on any device, regardless of manufacturer.

Ad Sales Strategy

We believe a digital billboard should be 50-100% sold out before installation – that's why we share our framework for success. Learn about advertising trends, creative content ideas, sales strategies, and more.

Value-Added Services

Receive personalized service before, during and after you install your LED displays – from permitting and lighting analysis to marketing and ad sales.

Start Your Personal Consultation and Request Pricing

Need pricing? Wondering which product is best for your location? What permits are required? How do you set up a profitable sales model? Let our experts guide you free of charge.