4500 Series Drop-In Petroleum Displays

Energy-efficient, customizable display to fit the needs of any petroleum retailer.

The Fuelight™ 4500 drop-in petroleum price display is designed exclusively for the international petroleum market and is available in monochrome color (red, amber, or green). The unique drop-in design gives international companies the power of customizing each display order, fitting the needs of each petroleum retailer.


  • Fully sealed components provide complete weather protection.
  • Wide-stroke, full-height digits create a better viewer response.
  • Digits are highly legible, even in direct sunlight.
  • Programmable font options offer style choices.
  • Fuelink™ 3 controller makes price changes quick and easy.
  • Auto-addressing also speeds up installation.
  • Choose from these sizes: 8”, 12”, 16”, 18”, 20", 24”, 30”, 36" or 48" 

Add a cash/credit display to your signage to:

  • Advertise different prices for different types of fuel payments
  • Give your customers an incentive to pay with cash, which can help you save money on credit card fees

Three standard messages are available: "Cash," "Credit," and "Debit."

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Color Capability: One color (red, amber or green)
Horizontal Viewing Angle: 140 degrees
Vertical Viewing Angle: 70 degrees
Contrast Enhancement: LEDs protrude through a punched black metal face
Digit Design: 7-segment bar
Service Access: Front Access
Control Software: Fuelink™ or alternate
Power: 120/240 VAC single phase
Display Dimming: 16 levels (automatic or manual control)
Communication Options: Wired, wireless, Point of Sale (POS) interface, wireless handheld key fob
Compliance Information: UL Recognized, cUL Recognized
Operating Temperature: -40°F (-40°C) to 120°F (49°C) with 99% RH non-condensing

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