How do I enter a team roster in All Sport Pro?


  • How do I enter a team roster in All Sport Pro?


  • Product Family: Sports Product, Software
  • Product: Scoreboard
  • Components: Rosters
  • Control System: All Sport Pro UX


  • Users can do this prior to game day to expedite setup.  You do not have to be on the All Sport Pro network to configure rosters.  
  1. Open the All Sport Pro application and log in. 
  2. Click the hamburger icon in the top left corner and select Rosters from the slide out.  
  3. Click New to create a new roster.  Or click Copy to work from a duplicate of an existing roster. 
  4. Choose the applicable sport if prompted and click Create.  
  5. Enter the Team name at the top.
  6. Enter players:
    1. Add Jersey Number, First Name, Last Name of each player. 
    2. Click + Add Row to add another player.  See animation of below:
  7. Save Changes. 
    All Sport Pro_adding rosters.gif
Use the rosters in a game.
  1. Open a game. 
  2. On the Roster tab, click on edit icon. 
  3. Select roster, pick the the home team name and the guest team from the drop-down. 
    All Sport Pro Rosters2.png
  4. Substitute players into the game. See: How do I substitute players into the game in All Sport Pro Basketball?
For basketball, rosters are added up by the team settings. 
 All Sport Pro team name settings.png

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