How do I mark in or mark out on my clips in Display Studio?


  • How do I mark in or mark out on my clips in a Display Studio button?


  • Product Family: Software, Control Systems
  • Product: 
  • Components: Display Studio, DMP-8000
  • Control System: Show Control System (SCS) Version 2.15+, Live Clips


Locate the mark in/mark out configuration.
For a script button, create a new or edit a script line. For details, see: How to Create Scripting Containers and Buttons
    1. DMP-8000 Player Control.
    2. Choose the zone.
    3. Select Create Playlist or Play and go to the next step. 
    4. Click add and select the content file(s) and click open.
    5. Click on Step 4

For a quick display button: create new button or right click on an existing button to edit. For details, see: How do I create and edit a Quick Display button in Display Studio?

    1. Import files for playlist. (mov, avi, etc.)
    2. Click on the Mark In / Mark Out icon.
Under the Mark In / Mark Out icon.  
  1. Select the file to edit.  This must be an animated file.
  2. Slide the bar to the desired starting point of the file. Click on the mark in button.   
  3. Slide the bar to the desired ending point of the file. Click on the mark out button.
  4. Once the points have been set, select another animated file to mark in/ mark out.  
  5. Save changes to the button.
See animation of the process below: (from Show Control version 2.21)
mark in mark out.gif
Things to note:
  • Users can only set mark in and mark out individually.  Multiple files cannot be selected.
  • Mark in/ mark out is for animated files. 

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