What is the difference between Data Vision Software (DVS) Embedded, Data Vision Software (DVS) Player, and Data Vision Software (DVS) server?


  • What is the difference between DVS Embedded, DVS Player, and DVS server?


  • Product Family: Daktronics Ireland
  • Product: DVS
  • Components: AF-6710, LS, AF-67/6800 DVS server
  • Control System: DVS


Most SBCs(single board computer) will have DVS embedded and DVS player loaded on the SBC.  Depending how the customer wants to control the signs depends on which service will be used.  Below is the two operations and how they need to be used.


DVS Embedded- DVS is installed on the displays SBC and acts as its own server.  Wont need DVS server to control content.  Just enter the signs IP address in chrome browser to access its own DVS software. Can't control other displays except its own display.


DVS Player- Needs DVS server on customers computer to play content.


DVS Server- Loaded on customers computer and control multiple displays that use DVS player services not DVS embedded services.

KB ID: DD4091696

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