How to configure All Sport Pro rules profiles


  • How to configure All Sport Pro rules


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Interfaces
  • Product: All Sport Pro UX
  • Components: Rules Profiles
  • Control System: 

New games are created based upon game rules.  This collection of preset rules or profiles make game set up faster and more standardized.  Original profiles cannot be changed or deleted, but they can be cloned and edited.


Editing a profile:

  1. Log in and open the All Sport Pro application. 
  2. Select the menu icon in the top left corner and pick Rules from the slide out.  
  3. Check an existing profile that closely matches what you are trying to use. (Use the Filters to sort rules by sport.)
  4. Click on the Copy button to make a clone.
    all sport pro rules2.jpg
  5. Update the clone's Profile name and change any settings.
    1. Choose period/sets and clock defaults.
    2. Choose timeout default times. 
    3. Choose stats you want to display. (if available)
    4. Choose horn preferences. 
  6. Save.

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