How do I update All Sport MX-1 controller firmware?


  • How do I update All Sport MX-1 controller firmware?


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Controllers
  • Product: All Sport MX-1
  • Components: 
  • Control System: Scoreboard with DAK Score control
Do this at least one time per season. Allow 15-20 minutes for the Bluetooth and MX-1 updates (depending on network speed). Internet connection is required.


  1. Open the DAK Score app and connect to the All Sport MX-1. See All Sport MX-1 Quick Guide (DD3667023).
  2. A notification will appear if an update is available. 
     All Sport MX-1 update availible.png
  3. Tap the main menu button (Menu Button.png), and select Settings.
  4. Tap Diagnostics. Take note of the current Bluetooth Version and MX-1 Version (controller firmware).
    DAK Score Diagnostics.png
  5. Tap Check For Update. The app will locate the latest firmware over the internet. 
  6. Tap the underlined ".FUD" (firmware update) file. There are two types of firmware files that each need to be updated separately. 
    1. Select the latest "BT" file to update the Bluetooth firmware, or select the latest "MX" file to update the controller firmware. 
      DAK Score Update Files.png
    2. Tap START UPDATE. 
    3. Monitor the Status. Note that it may take several minutes to download and install the firmware file(s). 
      DAK Score Update Status.png
    4. After the update is complete, tap OK.
      DAK Score Update Complete.png
    5. Repeat this process as needed to ensure both types of firmware files are up to date.

KB ID: DD4010236

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