How to disable audio from an embedded video clip in a Display Studio?


  • How to disable audio from an embedded video clip in a Display Studio?


  • Product Family: Software and Controller
  • Product: Display Studio version or later and DMP-8000 8.4
  • Components: Interactive audio
  • Control System: Show Control, Live Clips

This feature allows the ability to disable audio that is embedded in a video clip from a Display Studio play command.


For scripting basics, see: How to Create Scripting Containers and Buttons

Create a new or edit a script button. 

  1. Create a Script button in Display Studio.
    1. Right click, select New button.
    2. Step 1: Choose DMP-8000 Player Control and go to the next step. 
    3. Step 2: Place a check in front of the appropriate player(s) and go to the next step.
    4. Step 3: Select Play and go to the next step. 
    5. Step 4: Click Add.
      1. Navigate to your content and select Open. 
      2. Click on the file and then select gear icon above the content name.
      3. Choose Audio from the dropdown list.  
      4. To disable audio, remove the check mark in front of Embedded Audio
    6. Save.
See animation of the process below:  (Version 2.11)

enable disable embedded audio.gif

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