How do I adjust color temperature, brightness and contrast on NovaStar controlled display?


  • How do I make my NovaStar controlled display pop?
  • How do I manually calibrate/adjust my display with a NovaStar control system. 


  • Product Family: Sender Box
  • Product: Nova MCTRL 600, Nova MCTRL 660, NovaStar VX4S
  • Components:  NovaLCT-Mars 
  • Control System: World Wide Gold, Limited Compliance Gold, NPP Control using transmit common/open protocol
    • This includes but not limited to DVN-4003, J Series, U Series, Q Series​​, JVX, QVN-1000, and ZPN.


Turn on the display, verify the modules have had a chance to warm up.  (wait 10-15 minutes)

  1. To fine-tune image quality, navigate to the Brightness tab within the NovaStar software. Click on it.
  2. This will bring up the pop up window seen below. Ensure that radio button is set to Manually Adjustment.
    • brightness.png
  3. Adjust the sliders as needed. The display will show these changes in real time. Setting desired brightness first is recommended.
  4. When complete, click Save to HW to save settings.

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