How do I use pause modes for content in Show Control with DMP-8000?


  • How to use pause files or playlists modes within Display Studio?
  • How do I make a file pause on first and/or last frame?
  • How do I make a playlist pause on the first and/or last frame?


  • Product Family: Software, Control System
  • Product:
  • Components: Display Studio, Live Clips, DMP-8000 version 7.27+
  • Control System: Show Control System (SCS), Live Clips
Pause on the first- allows the director to see the first frame of the content to know that it is queued up and ready to go.
Pause on the last- prevents content from going back to the beginning when the duration has ended or blanking.
Playlist Pause modes- This will play multiple files and will have the ability to pause on the first and/or last frame of the entire playlist. This is ideal for when wanting to show multiple files before switching back to other content without the possibility of showing a blank frame.


It's important to note that while a zone and its content are paused, the Real Time Data being shown on that zone will also pause.

Within a Button

When creating a playlist within Quick Display or Scripting buttons, the user can customize the behavior for that specific playlist. Users will also have the option to have a single file pause on first or last when playing a single file or when playing a playlist.
  Default playlist modesV2.png

As a Default

There may be certain scenarios where a user wants anything that plays in a particular zone or layer to behave in a default manner - always pause every file on the first frame, or pause every playlist on the last frame. In these scenarios, we can set a default for a zone instead of having to set this option within every button.

​How to create a default pause mode via a script button: 

1. Right click within a scripting container and select New Button.
2. To start a line of script, select the + icon in the bottom left of the newly created button.  Give the button a name. - Set Pause Mode
1. DMP-8000 Player Control
2. Choose the player(s) zone(s)
3. Set Pause Mode
set pause mode.png  

4. Choose the type of Pause Mode from the drop down list and save.
Set Pause Mode Show control 2.20_v1.png

  • Pause on first frame ​
  • Pausing on last frame
  • First and Last Frame
  • Pause on the first frame within the first file of the playlist​. This option is in Show Control version 2.20.1 or later.  
  • Pause on the last frame within the last file of the playlist. This option is in Show Control version 2.20.1 or later.  
  • Pause on the first and last frame of the playlist This option is in Show Control version 2.20.1 or later.   


An additional button will need to be created to resume the content after it pauses on the first frame.

Create another button to Resume Display
To start a line of script, select the + icon in the bottom left of the newly created button.  Give the button a name. - Resume Play
1. DMP-8000 Player Control
2. Choose the player(s) zone(s)
3. Resume

Test Operation: 
  1. Click on the button utilizing the Pause Mode.
  2. Play content from another button. The content should hold on the respective frame if a default mode was set or pause mode settings were used in the individual button.  It will appear in the monitor wall as paused.   This will let the operator/ producer know the clip is ready.
    pause mode.gif
  3. Now click on the resume button to play the content.
When the next item content is played out (either through script or via playlist) it will pause again on the respective frame. 

How to apply a Quick Display Pause Mode:

The default pause mode for Quick Display buttons can be set through the container's properties.  
Quick Display default pause modes.png

quick display indicators.png

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