How to make loopable footage in Adobe After Effects


  • How to make loopable footage in Adobe After Effects


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1. Import your footage into a new composition. Make sure that your footage duration exceeds the duration of your composition by at least 2 seconds.

This example is using a 12 second layer of curtain footage imported into a 10 second composition.

Creating Seamless_15.bmp 

2. Move your time slider to around 1 second past the middle point of your timeline.
3. Now press ctrl+shift+d to split the layer into 2 layers.
Creating Seamless_16.bmp
4. Move top layer to beginning of timeline by pressing " [ ".
5. Move 2nd layer to end of timeline by pressing " ] ". (The two layers should overlap in the middle. If they don’t you may need to backup and split your layer at a different point.)

Creating Seamless_17.bmp 

6. On the top layer fade the last two seconds of the layer’s opacity from 100% to 0%.
7. On the bottom layer fade the first 1 second of the layer’s opacity from 0% to 100%.Creating Seamless_18.bmp
Finished! Now your content should loop at the beginning and end and transitionally fade in the middle of the timeline.

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