How do I bring the signal to displays using NovaStar control system?


  • How to bring the signal to a displays using NovaStar components?
  • How to connect the NovaStar sender card with receiver cards?


  • Product Family: Sender Box
  • Product: Nova MCTRL 600, Nova MCTRL 660, NovaStar VX4S, NovaStar brand sender box and receiver  cards
  • Components: NovaLCT-Mars
  • Control System: Market Standard or Limited Compliance using transmit common/open protocol
    • This includes but not limited to DVN-4003, Dragon Sticks, J Series, JVX, NPN-4200/4400, NPN-5200/ 5400, U Series, Q Series, QVN, Z Series, and ZPN.

Overview: A computer located in the control room is connected to a Sending box/sending card via a DVI cable.  The sending box/card (SB) then passes signal via a Cat6 cable out to the first cabinet and into the receiver card (RC) located inside the cabinet.  Each cabinet has a receiver card, and these are daisy chained together with Cat6 cables.  The last cabinet can be connected back to the sending box for redundant data to the receiver cards.  This is optional.  The maximum cable distance from Sending Box to 1st receiver card is 150m.  If it is longer, fiber converter units will be needed to extend the distance.

signal path2.png 

Do first:

How to connect electrical to NovaStar controlled display?


1.  Connect the sending box to the computer with a DVI cable.

connecting dvi.png 

2.  Connect Cat6 cable (provided) to the Receiver Card. The cable and RC are shown in the figure below:

cable and RC.png 

    • Route Cat6 cable to Port A from previous cabinet or sending box
    • Route Cat6 cable to Port B from next cabinet or sending box as redundancy signal. (optional)

 An example of four cabinets connected together can be seen below.

 4 connected cabinets2.pnghub card to ribbons2.jpg

For other examples,

Change Cat6 cable to fiber cable for installations longer than 150m.

    • The Cat6 cable is a maximum of 150m long, for the longer than 150m installations, use the cat6/fiber box to change the Cat6 cable to fiber cable. The fiber cable can offer 850m extra length for the signal sending.
    • Two cats/fiber box can change Cat6 cable to fiber cable and then change back. The Cat6 cable can then connect to the RC of the 1st cabinet.
    • Use additional Cat6 cables to connect to the next RC. The below figure shows the configuration using two cats/fiber box.fiber convert routing.png


Do Next:

1. Configure the sender box

2. Set up a multifunction card

3. Add a Light Sensor

4. How to set up monitoring for NovaStar controlled display?(if included)


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