How to Configure VDCP and Ross Switcher with DMP-7000


  • How to Configure VDCP and Ross switcher with DMP-7000


  • VDCP
  • Ross Switcher
  • DMP-7000


  1. Configure a VDCP Input port in Venus 7000
    • From the Venus 7000 shell click Configure
    • Click the RTD Inputs tab
    • Select an unassigned Input Port and click Edit Input to open the Edit RTD Input window.
    • In the Name text box, enter a name for the port. (Suggestions: VDCP or Switcher)
    • In the Source Type drop-down menu, select TCP/IP
    • In the Source, type in an available port number (10,000)
    • In the Protocol drop-down menu, select VDCP
    • In the Size field, type 512

Edit RTD Input.png 

2.  Configure the Output Port

    • Select the VDCP input, and click Edit Input to open the Edit RTD Input window.
    • Click the Output Port button to open the Output Port List window

Output Port button.png 

    • Click Add to open the Edit RTD Output Port window

output port.png 

    • Enter the Switcher's Library's information:
      • Address: The address is the identifier of the switch box. The address is always "1."
      • Port: The port designates the channel within the switch box. Most systems only use one port. Use "1" for the sign you wish to control, use "2" for the 2nd sign, etc.
      • Sign: The Sign designates the V7000 sign that will be controlled by this switch. Select the desired sign using the drop down list. Note: The designated sign could play content directly to the display. However quite often the designated sign is a virtual sign that triggers other commands, but does not actually play real content.
      • Server: The server will be either C:\V7000 or D:\7000
      • Library: Select the desired library name using the drop down list. ("Switcher" in this example.) Note: The VDCP protocol treats the system as one flat drive. It does not support subfolders, so content can only play from one library.
    • Click OK to save changes and return to the Output Port List window.

output port List.png 

    • Click OK on each of the dialog boxes.
    • When prompted to do so, restart the Sign Service.

Refer to DD2539108 to setting up a Ross Switcher for Venus 7000 communication.

KB ID: DD3150223

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