How do I install the UltraVNC server on a computer?


  • How do I install the UltraVNC server on a computer?
  • How do I install and setup UltraVNC on a computer to accept connections?


  • Product Family: Control System, Message Displays
  • Prodcut: Video Board, Galaxy Pro
  • Component: Venus 7000, DMP-7000
  • Control System:



  1. Navigate to
  2. ​Select the most up to date version available.
  3. Determine whether the version of the OS on the machine is a 64 or 32 bit version of Windows.
  4. Select the corresponding Installer.
  5. Do not click the large green Download button. Scroll to the bottom of the Downloads Summary page and put a check mark in the 'I accept the above listed conditions' check box and the click the small gray Download button to run the Install Wizard.
  6. Select your Language.
  7. Click Next on the Welcome window.
  8. Select 'I accept the agreement' and click Next on the License Agreement window.
  9. Click Next on the Information window.
  10. Click Next on the Select Destination Location window.
  11. Make sure UltraVNC Server and UltraVNC Client are both checked and Click Next on the Select Components window.
  12. Click Next on the Select Start Menu Folder window.
  13. Select all check boxes on the Select Additional Tasks window and click Next.
  14. Select Install on the Ready to Install window.
  15. After the Installer has ran click Next on the information window.
  16. Click Finish on the Completing the UltraVNC Setup Wizard.
  17. Right click on the WinVNC Service in the Taskbar (looks like a blue eye) and select Admin Properties.
  18. Under Authentication change the VNC and View-Only Passwords to the correct password.
  19. Under Incoming Connections change the ports to the correct port.​

KB ID: DD2745365

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