How do I set the period time for wrestling?


  • How to set the period time for wrestling on my All Sport 5000 console?


  • Product Family: Sports Product 
  • Product: Scoreboard
  • Components: Wrestling code
  • Control System: All Sport 5000 console, All Sport 5500 console


  1. After the main clock has been stopped, press <SET MAINCLOCK> to display the main clocks current time.
  2. To change period 1 time, enter the desired time on the number pad and press <ENTER>.
  3. Press <CLEAR> twice to clear changes and return to the game.
  4. Press <SET MAIN CLOCK> a second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth time or the down arrow key to display the configured time for each clock period length.
  5. To accept the displayed period length press <YES>. To decline the selection of the period length press <NO>.
  6. To change the period length and set the main clock enter the new time in minutes and seconds on the number pad and press <ENTER>.

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