How to setup multiple signs using a single VCB


  • How do I setup multiple displays using a single VCB?


  • Product Family: Vanguard
  • Product: VM, VF, or VX displays using a single VCB
  • Components: VFC
  • Control System: NTCIP software


  1. Configure 1st display as normal.
  2. Under Shared menu select add/remove signs and set desired number of signs.
  3. Change the display interfaces on signs 2 and above to match sign 1 and change display interface location to external. (See sub steps below for this process).
    1. Sign X.
    2. Configuration.
    3. System.
    4. Required.
    5. Display Interface.
      1. Alias to sign.
      2. Sign 1.
    6. Display Interface Location.
      1. External.
    7. Repeat Steps 1-6 for remaining signs.

KB ID: DD3858780

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