What ports does Venus Control Suite use?


  • What networking ports does the Venus Control Suite, Locally Hosted software utilize?
  • What ports need to be open to allow a GS6 display to communicate with Venus Control Suite?


  • Product Family: Message Displays, Billboards
  • Product:
  • Component:
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite (VCS), Locally Hosted (LHS), Daktronics Hosted (DHS)


  • Venus Control Suite Hosted uses the following ports
    • 80 - Used by sign to download content from the VCS server.
    • 443 - Used by sign to make a secure connection to VCS server. (Schedule changes and Online/Offline status)
    • The display needs to be able to access venus.daktronics.com using the ports listed above, reference VENUS CONTROL SUITE SECURITY, DD3200777 for details on required ports & security related questions.
      • Venus.Daktronics.com = currently, will be used in the future, is used to show a "We Are Down" page if server goes down.

  • Venus Control Suite Local uses the following ports
    • 8810 - used by sign to download content from VCS server.
    • 8811 - used by sign for secure connection to VCS server. (Display Studio plug-in, schedule changes and online/offline status)
    • 44300 - used by end user for secure connection to VCS user interface.

KB ID: DD2736387

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