How do I set up Stat Crew TAS for baseball?


  • How do I set up Stat Crew The Automated Scorebook (TAS) for Baseball?


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Interfaces
  • Product: Stat Crew  interface for baseball via comfile
  • Component: TasComms32
  • Control System: college baseball


Note:Reference How to set up Stat Crew with the All Sport, DSTI, and Venus 7000, DD2167389
for more information on Stat Crew and DSTI setup.​​

  1. Press [O] to open the SCOREBOARD VERSION. If this option is not available, refer to the installation CD or contact Stat Crew. (If the [O] button is not pressed and Stat Crew is Started normally, Tascomms32 will say that the incoming data is in Stats mode). If a game was started in the GAME SCOREBOOK mode, you will need to close and reopen the software to select the SCOREBOARD VERSION. There is no other way to change this setting.
  2. Open game and press [F4], or enter a play to create the "comfile" output that will be used by TasComms32.

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