Understanding Broadcast & Channel Settings for Multiple Wireless Scoreboards

​The diagrams below help give a visual understanding of how radio Broadcast and Channel settings work with multiple scoreboard systems. These diagrams are also located in the radio installation and All Sport controller manuals. The diagrams are arranged from simple, most common systems to advanced, least common setups.

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Single Controller System

In a single controller system, all radio receivers and all scoreboards receive signal from the same console at all times. The default channel and broadcast group settings on the receiver (“b1C1”) are not typically modified. This type of system is often used for football fields or basketball courts with a primary and auxiliary scoreboard displaying the same information at each end of the facility.


Multiple Controller System with Single Broadcast Group

In a multiple controller system with a single broadcast group, there may be one console for each scoreboard and/or one master controller that can run every scoreboard at one time or take control of a specific scoreboard. An example of this type of system is a softball complex with individual scoreboards on several different fields.


Multiple Controller System with Multiple Broadcast Groups

In a multiple controller system with multiple broadcast groups, there are many consoles that control multiple scoreboards and/or scoreboard groups. One example of this scenario is split court operation in basketball installations, where scoreboards are used to score multiple games at once, but can be grouped together to show one game if necessary.


Radio Diagram

If a site-specific drawing has not been provided for your facility that describes which radio settings are needed to control what scoreboards (or if these settings need to change), it may be helpful to draw up a simple diagram as a reference. For example:

Be sure to keep the diagram up-to-date with any changes, and leave a copy of the latest diagram next to every control console or in an easily noticeable location. 

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