Outdoor Video Displays

Create the focal point of your stadium with an outdoor video system.

Display zoning and video overlays offer prime real estate to recognize sponsors and share game information. Our DVXMC series enables you to show exciting animations, eye-catching graphics and text messages.

Versatility in Every Aspect of Your Events

This flexible display solution has the ability to display scores, statistics, announcements and advertisements. Showcase names of individual participants and play animations or sponsor messages in place of score to keep fans engaged.

Video Replays

Replay exciting moments fans don't want to miss.

Display Zoning

Keep scores visible while sharing replays or ads.

Team Spirit

Excite players and fans with team logos and colors.

Game Animations

Get the crowd on their feet with engaging animations.

Sponsor Promotion

Create revenue by sharing ads from local businesses.

From Basic Stats to Advanced Scoring

Standard scoreboard templates are easy to modify and allow for complete customization of game information and statistics – simply drag and drop. Changing between different modes is as easy as pressing a button.

Game Stats

Provide a breakdown of points, fouls and more for each player on the home and guest team.

Player Headshots

Share players' pictures and stats on the display whenever they score or make a game-changing move.

Universal Scoreboard

This flexible scoring solution allows you to use one scoreboard for multiple sports or events on a shared field.

DVXMC Technical Specifications

Pixel Configuration: 3 through-hole LEDs per pixel (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue)
Color Capacity: 16 bit (281 trillion colors)
LED Display Dimming: 256 levels
Estimated LED Lifetime: 100,000+ hours
Calibrated Intensity: 10,000 to 12,000 nits (Varies by display line spacing)
Message Capability: Audio-enabled video clips, animations, advertisements, logos & text (no live video)
Viewing Angle: 140° horizontal, 70° vertical
Control Software: Show Control System, SCS-4000
Power: Varies by display size
Service Access: Front Access
Communication Options: Fiber Optic (50/125 μm multi-mode)
Operating Temperature: -40° to 120° Fahrenheit (-40° to 50° Celsius)


Available Line Spacing Options

DVXMC video displays are offered in 25 standard sizes so you can find the best display solution for your facility.

15.85 mm DVXMC Display

19.8 mm DVXMC Display

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