NFHS Pitch Count Policy

The NFHS now requires teams to track pitch counts. As the first scoreboard manufacturer to offer this for teams beyond 99, we have your upgrades and add-ons covered. There are 3 different options for you to add this functionality. Contact us to get more information and pricing about a specific scoreboard with pitch count or pitch count display.


Add-On Pitch Count - BA-2035

The BA-2035 add-on model is designed to line up with the BA-2005, BA-2014, BA-2022 and BA-2030.


Standalone Pitch Count Displays

These models (BA-2023BA-2031BA-2033 and BA-2034) can be standalone displays or paired with larger scoreboards.


Scoreboards with Pitch Count

Several models are available with standard or optional 3rd digits, including the BA-2005BA-2019BA-2026BA-2028BA-2125 and BA-2127. The BA-2017BA-2715 and BA-2718 have 2 pitch count digits.

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