Vanguard® v4

Software Packages Comparison

Compare Vanguard v4 Standard to Professional.



Feature Standard Professional
Diagnostics Test Yes Yes
Reset Display Yes Yes
Clear Memory Yes Yes
View Temperatures   Yes
Critical Temperature   Yes
Fan Test   Yes
Maintenance Heaters   Yes
Event Activations Yes Yes
Message Library   Yes
Run Message   Yes
Send Message   Yes
Delete Message   Yes
View Font Table Yes Yes
Send Font Yes Yes
Get Font Yes Yes
Test Patterns Yes Yes
Display event log   Yes
Configure event log   Yes
Clear event log   Yes
CHAP Secret   Yes
Display Status Yes Yes
True Display Monitor Yes Yes
Short Error Status Yes Yes
Pixel Test Yes Yes
Pixel Error Threshold   Yes
Brightness Yes Yes
Display Time   Yes
Callback Configuration   Yes
NTCIP Conformance Groups   Yes
Climate Control Status   Yes
light Sensor Status   Yes
Humidity Status   Yes
Power Status   Yes
Font Table   Yes
Graphics Support   Yes
List View   Yes
Map View   Yes
GPS Positioning   Yes
User Security   Yes
Hover Monitor   Yes
Display Groups   Yes
Task Progress   Yes
Display Monitor   Yes
Side by Side View   Yes
Polling   Yes
Scenarios   Yes
Email Updates   Yes
Quick Message Yes Yes
Play Message   Yes
Play Schedule   Yes
Blank Sign   Yes

Message Creation

Feature Standard Professional
Character Matrix   Yes
Line Matrix   Yes
Full Matrix   Yes
Color Support   Yes
High Color Support   Yes
Bitmap Fonts   Yes
Preview   Yes
Page Times   Yes
Multiple Pages   Yes
Flashing   Yes
Beacons   Yes
Priority   Yes
Justification   Yes
Line Spacing   Yes
Undo/Redo   Yes
Spell Check   Yes
Character Map   Yes
Real Time Fields   Yes
Character Spacing   Yes
Message Libraries   Yes
Message Naming   Yes
True Type Fonts   Yes
Shapes   Yes
Clip Art Images   Yes
Insert Images   Yes
Text Boxes   Yes
Layers   Yes
Shadow Text   Yes
Anti Aliasing   Yes
Drawing Tools   Yes
NTCIP 1203 v2 Graphics   Yes
Daktronics Custom Graphics Support   Yes

Schedule Creation

Feature Standard Professional
Schedule Libraries   Yes
Schedule Naming   Yes
Day Plan Support   Yes
Week View   Yes
Month View   Yes
Year View   Yes
Auto Stop Message   Yes
Weekly Recurrence   Yes
Yearly Recurrence   Yes
Thumbnail Message Preview   Yes


Feature Standard Professional
Communications Yes Yes
Display Types Yes Yes
Displays Yes Yes
NTCIP Profiles Yes Yes
Display Groups   Yes
Messaging Defaults Yes Yes
Fonts Yes Yes
Prohibited Words Yes Yes
Users Yes Yes
Appearance Yes Yes
Password Settings   Yes


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