Create a College-Level Environment for your Athletes, Students and Fans

It’s time to take things up a notch… Making the switch to digital scoring equipment creates a collegiate gameday feel.


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Imagine your school’s stadium with a packed crowd during an intense game. Your quarterback throws up a “Hail Mary” and a “Touchdown!” graphic plays above your scoreboard. Every fan is cheering as the teams shake hands. Game highlights flash on the video board for all to watch and relive the glory. The players fought hard the entire game, and your event production team kept the crowd engaged between every play and during every break.

A Collegiate Environment for Your Fans

Nothing gets a crowd fired up like exciting graphics that follow equally exciting plays. Nothing gets players fired up like seeing their headshot before the game starts. Fans come to watch the game, but their overall experience depends on how engaged they are. With fan cams and mini games to keep them involved, your spectators become part of the game.

Our Creative Services team can design branded content for your school that transforms the environment into a high-end stadium with professional animations.


Career-oriented Opportunities for Your Students

DakClassroom is a service we offer to help you open doors for your students. It begins with a curriculum that guides classroom learning and hands-on experiences with the equipment used in event production at the professional level. Our Show Control – Education Edition software allows multiple users to make edits on multiple devices, meaning every student can assist with development and planning during class.

Daktronics will also help students find colleges with openings on their event production teams through a program called Crew Connect. Having experience with the same equipment used in professional and college stadiums, their chances of landing spot increase exponentially.

See how these student experience behind the scenes at James Madison University started at the high school level.



Next-level Advertising for Your Sponsors

Your sponsors will love being shown off in a digital format. Whether its video commercials or a sponsored trivia game, video boards allow you to go beyond traditional sports marketing. Our Daktronics Sports Marketing (DSM) team can help you get started.

Video boards also allow a cleaner, more cohesive display of sponsor logos. Check out these ads at Madison High School.

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Bring the Collegiate Feel to Your Stadium

Design a scoring system with your ideal equipment and school colors.