How do I create presentations with data in Content Studio?


  • What are some tips and tricks for creating presentations with Data in Content Studio?


This article explains recommended procedure for setting up and operating real-time data (RTD).  Real-time data includes time, temperature, data from a text file, and in-game statistics. Common in-game stats come from an AllSport Console, DakStats, Data Studio, OmniSport Console, Stat Crew, SportsWire, GameDay, StatVision, GSIS, IDS, NHL Ice, Hy-Tek and Finish Lynx.  

This process can be watched here:


Reference Standard RTD Inputs Quick Guide, ED-17852 for the RTD configurations for DMP-8000 and DMP-7000 controllers.


  1. Determine your data layout
    • Determine what displays will show real-time data and the type of information that is needed based upon the sources available. 
    • It is helpful to create a background to visually aid design of the data frame. 
      •  RDT Full Layout_Preview 2.jpg
    • Note: The above graphic was made in a separate image rendering program and imported into content studio.  The data is shown in this example for design review purposes.  It would be removed to allow the data elements to be imported in the Content Studio.
    • For help on importing graphics- See How do I import images or videos into Content Studio, DD1995364,  or YouTube- Getting Started With Graphics).
  2. Create a Presentation
  3. Login to Content Studio.  See: 
    • Start a new presentation in Content Studio. Add any formatting to the background of the presentation.  This can include adding text, or inserting a background image. 
    • Choose your Sport Profile from the Dynamic Data Library on the left hand side of Content Studio.
    • Expand the profile.  Then, a list of the available RTD inputs will be visible.
      • Game in Progress: Any information that is received from the  AllSport is located in the Game in Progress Source. (game clock included)
      • Out-of-Town Scores: Information collected from SportsWire with detailed out of town scores.
      • Game Stats: Any information that is received from a statistical program that is managing game, season, and career stats. (I.E -DakStats, Stat Crew, GSIS)
      • Requested Stats: Individual or Team Stats information that is not sent automatically from the DSTI.
    • To quickly search for data fields, type in the name of the desired field in the Fields box.  Expand each RTD input to view the data options.
      • data presentations profiles.png
  4. Import a RTD Field
    • Find the field you wish to insert as an RTD field, and click & drag it into the presentation.
      data presentations drag data.png
    • Data Elements will have a yellow outline on the layout.  This is for editing purposes and will not be visible on your display.
    • Select the element to adjust the font, size, color, justification, etc.
    • To edit multiple elements, Hold the Ctrl key down and select additional elements.
  5. Complete and Save the Presentation.
    • Click and Drag and other RTD fields that you wish to use in your presentation, and format appropriately.
    • Save the presentation.

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