The Real Reason for a Video Board: DakClassroom

DakClassroom provides students opportunities during and after high school. The combination of the right curriculum, software and connections is a recipe for success for students interested in technology in school – and beyond.


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High schools often purchase video scoreboards to bring new excitement to every event and even add dollars to the school budget. It’s also an opportunity to get more students involved in extracurricular activities and learn life lessons and skills.

That means schools should use the same equipment colleges, universities and professional stadiums use throughout the country – Daktronics. That’s certainly one compelling reason to go with Daktronics video boards, but there’s something even more important:

At Daktronics, it’s a true passion to provide students unparalleled opportunities. It’s in our DNA. After all, Daktronics was founded by two university professors with a desire to give students meaningful work.

 That’s why we created DakClassroom, the three-part program that brings it all together for teachers, students and venues of all sizes.

“There’s a huge opportunity for kids to get involved in extracurricular activities who don’t participate in sports,” says Kyle Sydow, high school parks and rec market manager for Daktronics. “Students interested in technology can still get those game-day jitters and work as a team, and all the things that extracurriculars should do. Buying a video display can do that.”


Introducing the 3 elements of DakClassroom:

Event Production Curriculum

This curriculum is an effective part of CTE learning, developed by a committee of educators and event producers. It educates students on technical terminology and production requirements for game day. It’s the only video board curriculum of its kind.

We want to help teach students in the way that colleges and professionals want them to learn. Kyle Sydow

Show Control Education Edition

Show Control is the software operators from the smallest high school to the largest pro venue use to control the content on their video displays. Show Control Education Edition brings that software directly to the students.

In the past, students needed to go to the press box to get their hands on the software – and then it was only one at a time. Now, as many as 15 students can access the software on their laptops, Chromebooks or tablets, all at the same time.

It also allows teachers and students to work together and critique their work by showing the content they create on various design programs right on a screen or smart board.

Crew Connect

Once students have the knowledge and experience of working on a video board under their belts, Daktronics can help link their skills to the college or university of their choice. These connections benefit students by providing additional experience and employment at the university level. It also helps colleges and universities by employing experienced students who require much less training.

“Having these opportunities for students to become so advanced before they even enter the college level is amazing,” says Will Ellerbruch, Daktronics national sales manager for large sport groups (universities and professional venues).

They’ll be able to speak the language, they know what a producer is and what they do. Colleges can put someone in the chair on day one as a freshman rather than having to train them for two years before they can really get started. We’re all dealing with labor challenges these days, and what a great way to bring the two together, with Crew Connect.

Preparing Students for the Long Term

Students can apply the skills they develop through DakClassroom in many different professions. Whether they dream of working at a sports venue, or they have something completely different in mind, the outlook is good for the industry.

“This is a growing labor state – more than a 20% growth in this industry,” explains Sydow. “Hopefully we’re opening the eyes of students that this is an exciting path.”

Below are some possible careers open to students with event production experience:

Producers & Directors $79,000 166,200
Video Editors & Camera Operators $60,400 81,700
Broadcast, Sound and Video Technicians $48,400 119,900
Special Effects Artists & Animators $78,800 58,900

*Occupational Outlook Handbook. Media and Communication Occupations. Media and Communication Occupations : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (

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