The Push for Higher Resolution LED Displays in Sports

Daktronics high resolution and HDR-capable LED displays are coming to the sports world to provide better image quality and improve the fan experience.

Justin Ochsner on 1/10/2020

Categories: Pro Sports and Colleges

If you’ve been to a sporting event recently, you’ve probably noticed the video boards in the main seating area, in concourses and around the venue, even outside the stadium or arena as you approach the entrances. You might have even noticed the change in those displays to something larger or with a clearer picture. Therein lies the next emphasis in the sports world – a push for higher resolution displays.

With new facilities and renovations, fan experience is always at the top of the list of things that need to be achieved and done well. State-of-the-art, high-resolution LED video displays are one way to accomplish this goal.

For a recent example, let’s talk about the TD Garden project for the 2019-2020 basketball and hockey seasons. When the executives at TD Garden, home of the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics, decided to upgrade their video board as part of a renovation to the building, they turned to Daktronics.

Our game presentation enhancements are some of the most exciting parts of TD Garden’s significant ‘Legendary Transformation’ this year. The complete overhaul of the HDX screens significantly enhances the clarity and quality of game presentation and brings 4K quality video to our guests.

– Lorraine Spadaro, vice president of technology at TD Garden.

The project included four new 2.5-millimeter, HDR-capable LED video displays in their centerhung – a first in sports.  Previously, the venue had a 10-millimeter product. The new higher-resolution displays bring more than 4.5 million pixels each, an improvement of more than four times the resolution of the previous displays at less than one million pixels each.

Having 4K within a centerhung display that has a predefined footprint, while using a 2.5-millimeter LED product is amazing. It will be the highest resolution LED centerhung video display in the country. This is an extremely high-resolution product that’s meant for very close-up viewing and, at TD Garden, we’re providing fans with high-resolution and high-quality video images.

– Jay Parker, vice president of Daktronics

It’s not only the main displays that are getting a higher resolution. The vomitory displays above entrances to the main seating bowl also feature 2.5-millimeter pixel layouts. These displays are predominantly used for sponsors but are tied into the overall game-day production within the facility.


We want to give fans an experience they can’t get at home so they’ll keep coming back to the arena. They’re creating an interesting, high-resolution facility at TD Garden.

– Jay Parker

While the 2.5-millimeter product is heavily used at TD Garden, Daktronics also has 1.9, 1.5 and 1.2-millimeter LED products that are being used to replace LCD products traditionally seen in sports facilities.

Taking things outdoors, there are others shifting their focus to tighter pixel pitches as well. For example, the Kansas City Chiefs have upgraded their main video display at Arrowhead Stadium from 16-millimeter to 10-millimeter – the tightest in main video display pixel pitch in football – also HDR-capable.

Regular Season Week 6

We continuously look at ways that we can improve the fan experience at Arrowhead Stadium, and adopting new technology is one of the avenues we can use to accomplish that. Daktronics has been an important long-term partner for us at Arrowhead Stadium for game days and non-football events. The updates their team has made to our video board and control room mean that our new scoreboard will provide our fans and guests the best display quality for live video, replays and other content while maintaining the iconic size and shape of our original video board.

– Mark Donovan, Kansas City Chiefs President

Even at longer viewing distances, the Chiefs understand that image and picture quality is still very important to their fans. They’ve taken that next step in providing them with that extra amenity to encourage them to experience the games live and in person at their stadium.

LED products have a lot of advantages, including long life, up to 10 years. And they’re very power conscious. With LED, it doesn’t take much power to run a large video image display. It’s an exciting time because technology has caught up and the pricing is comparable. We’re giving facilities the technology to be able to help entertain fans more often and in more places with vibrant high-resolution displays. Our goal is to try and enhance and compliment the game-day experience in the bowl and keep people wanting to go to the events.

– Jay Parker

So, when thinking about what might take a stadium or arena (or your own venue) to the next level of fan entertainment, think about the video technology and what it can provide for your fans. They are expecting the same visual experience as they get at home on their high definition, 4K televisions. Daktronics narrow pixel pitch products can provide that same experience within your venue from the main displays to the ribbons to the concourse and more.

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