Spectacular Canvas

You’ll get viewers’ attention when you reach them everywhere their eyes are. From urban billboards to roadside digital billboards to eye-level street furniture, Daktronics provides a spectacular canvas for any viewing distance


Categories: Out of Home Advertising

If you want to make an impact and bring attention to your advertisers, explore the long-lasting image quality of high-resolution digital out of home displays from Daktronics.  

Provide advertisers with multiple options, knowing that your technology will make their messaging look its best for years to come. When people see their messages at strategic times and places, they’re more likely to respond. Here are some of the ways you can help your advertisers communicate.

Street Furniture

With deep contrast and wide viewing angles, Daktronics street furniture uses SMD (surface-mount device) LEDs, providing some of the brightest imagery in the industry – even in full sun.

Wallscapes and Urban Billboards

These eye-catching, high-contrast small format displays can be mounted on a wall or a pole. The impressive image quality produced by SMD LEDs will deliver detailed images the urban landscape.

Digital Billboards

With crisp details and pure color, digital billboards provide the perfect way to catch people on their commutes or on their way to socialize or shop. Plus, the images are targeted directly at the viewer, so they can’t miss the message you’re sending.

Indoor LED Video Displays

You can’t miss with striking color and clear imagery. These long-lasting Narrow Pixel Pitch displays provide new ways to communicate with customers. The possibilities are endless.

Remember, every digital advertising display from Daktronics comes with Daktronics quality and reliability. Daktronics tests every product to the extreme. It’s an integral part of our design philosophy, and it includes verifying supplier specifications. The results? A display that looks amazing right out of the box, and for its entire life. 

See the difference a spectacular canvas can make for your business.