Sourced for Quality

Where your LED display comes from makes a difference. Daktronics suppliers and components are carefully selected to ensure quality and reliability. What does that mean for you? A longer product life and higher-quality visuals.


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Do you know where your LED display came from?

Saving money upfront by purchasing from an LED broker that uses hundreds of suppliers who promise “lower prices” can be tempting. But in the long run, purchasing a subpar digital display can lead to additional costs, headaches and even lost revenue.

When you partner with Daktronics, you partner with a worldwide leader in digital manufacturing who is committed to longevity and quality. Whether you purchase a standard or customized product, you can rest assured that your display is built with tested, reliable components that will withstand the test of time.


What gives Daktronics a clear advantage over other suppliers?

Fewer, more consistent sources. 

When you choose your LED video solution, ask where the product originates. It makes a real difference in the longevity and reliability of your display. Daktronics displays are manufactured in the USA using globally sourced parts. Each step is carefully planned and executed.

Daktronics vets our product suppliers very carefully, and you can see that we use a very limited number of trusted partners. In fact, our engineers spend a lot of time with each supplier, developing products and ensuring that their quality is up to our standards.

Components that make sure the future remains bright

The truth is, any digital display will look good for the first few years. But at Daktronics, we believe your display should look amazing for the life of the display. When you purchase from a supplier that uses cheaper components, there is no guarantee that you’ll even have access to replacement parts. Suppliers with lower standards may change their technology with no warning. That means your display may end up with varying degrees of brightness and color quality, which reflects poorly on you and your advertisers or sponsors. That’s not acceptable.

Fast, dependable service

You can also count on a fast response from Daktronics if you ever need service. More than 90% of our customers in the U.S. have onsite support personnel within two hours of their location. These are factory-trained Daktronics service people who have quick access to the necessary repair parts. You won’t be left to fend for yourself.

Save time, money and headaches for years to come.

When your display is engineered and built by Daktronics – the leader in LED technology – you eliminate the unknowns that you deal with when you take the low bid from a broker who uses hundreds of component suppliers. After all, how can a broker slap a 10-year guarantee on a display they may not be able to get parts for? Be sure to ask for references and read the fine print to really understand what’s included in a guarantee.