New Emergency Alerts Feature for Venus Control Suite

Our newest Venus Control Suite feature, IPAWS, will automatically show public alerts and warnings on your display.

Daktronics Commercial Software Training on 5/8/2019

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What is IPAWS?

During an emergency, officials need to provide the public with life-saving information quickly.

IPAWS is the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, which unifies the United States Emergency Alert System, National Warning System, Wireless Emergency Alerts, and NOAA Weather Radio, under a single platform. You can find more IPAWS information on FEMA’s website.

How do I enable IPAWS alerts for my Daktronics display?

Venus Control Suite now allows you to configure your Daktronics display to show IPAWS Alerts automatically. You can choose from several alert types that will automatically play to your display when an alert is active.

Follow these steps to enable alerts:

Step 1 – Enable Emergency Alerts for your account in the Settings Menu
Click Here for instructions
*note: the Other category may include test alerts from FEMA

Step 2 – Enable Emergency Alerts for each display, in the Displays Menu
Click Here for instructions

Monitor active alerts from the Tools Menu.
Click Here for instructions

STAY TUNED! Next week we will be releasing a video with additional information on IPAWS, as well as step by step instructions on how to enable IPAWS alerts.

Below are some examples that show how the alerts will appear on your display.




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