How LED Marquees Can Improve Communication for Your School

A digital sign can effectively relay several messages throughout your school district. Here’s how schools can use marquees to meet their full communicative potential.


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With the new school year comes new policies, new schedules, and a lot of new information. Keep everyone in your school district on the same page by implementing a digital sign to instantly share messages and updates.

LED displays can communicate information throughout your whole school district. Switching up your content frequently will ensure that the community continues to pay attention to your messages. Keep reading for ideas to help you make the most of your marquee display.

Share New COVID Protocols

This school year is starting off in uncharted territory. Changes will be made almost daily, and a great way to share any updates in policy or procedure is displaying the information on a marquee outside your school.

Your display is also a great location for leading the public to resources with more information about your protocols and where to access live streaming for events.

Advertise for Events

Put the time, date, and location of all important events on your display. This can include, school start dates and holidays, sporting events, theater performances, band/choir concerts, fundraisers, and many other school gatherings.

Use IPAWS for Safety

The Integrated Public Alert and Warning System is a great feature to add to your content rotation. This system will display warnings for severe weather, amber alerts, and other emergency situations to keep your school and community safe.

Create Unity within Your District

Connect all the district’s signs to advertise the same content and spread the same messages. You can also get creative and use your sign to celebrate staff members’ work anniversaries and students’ birthdays.

Interested in Getting a Marquee for Your School?

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