How to configure a new or replacement DMP player for a Venus Control Suite controlled display


  • How to configure a new or replacement DMP player for a Venus Control Suite controlled display.


  • Product Family: Billboard
  • Product: DB-6400
  • Components: DMP-8000 p/n 0A-1987-0011
  • Control System:  


NOTE:  This guide is for use by Technicians or Installers in the field.  

NOTE:  This guide is applicable to displays using Venus Control Suite.

NOTE:  Recommended tools to complete this work include: laptop, spare Ethernet cable, Ethernet coupler (RJ45 female-to-female).

  1. Setup laptop for direct (static IP) connection to devices.
    1. Refer to How do I set or change a static IP on my computer or USB to Ethernet adapter, DD2016625 for assistance.
      1. Set laptop IP static to:
  2. Directly plug the Ethernet cable from the DMP to your laptop.
    1. This should be the cable that is currently plugged into VLAN 1 port 3 of the Meraki router.
      1. NOTE:  It is recommended to connect an Ethernet coupler to this cable and use a spare Ethernet cable to extend its reach so you can complete this work in a comfortable and safe position.  Alternatively, if the DMP is easily accessible, you may disconnect the existing cable and plug your spare cable directly into it from your laptop.
  3. Login to the DMP.
    1. Open a web browser window.
    2. Enter the DMP IP address into the address bar (default "").
  4. Identification:
    1. Click the Configuration menu button.
    2. Ensure the Identification tab is selected.
    3. Update the Description box with the site specific name and number followed by "DMP".
      • This information is logged in the case as the site "Description" for you reference.
    4. Click Save.
    5. Enter the player's password if prompted.



  5. Time Zone:
    1. Select the Time tab.
    2. Select the site specific time zone from the dropdown menu.
    3. Click Save.



  6. Services:
    1. Select the Services tab.
    2. Select the dropdown arrow next to Media Management Server and select Venus.
    3. Click Save.


  7. Network:
    1. Select the Network tab.
    2. Update the IP Address box with the site specific IP.
      • For the primary-face, the IP should be
      • For the secondary-face, the IP should be
        • Secondary-face can be determined by checking the webcam port in IDM, it will be using 5002.
    3. Click Save.
      • NOTE:  Saving this setting may disconnect you from the device.  Repeat step 3 "Login to the DMP" above using the device's new IP to reconnect with the device to continue.


  8. Services:
    1. Select the Services tab.
    2. Update the Management box with the site specific port.
      1. For the primary-face, the port should be 81.
      2. For the secondary-face, the port should be 82.
    3. Click Save.
    4. MarketDMPPort.jpg
  9. Contact Daktronics Technical Support at 1-800-DAKTRONICS to have the new device registered.

KB ID: DD4159075

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