How do I set up a MOXA I/O device with a GS6 display


  • How to set up the GS6 DMP, VCS, and the MOXA Ethernet IO to allowed for triggered message control?


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product: GS6 display
  • Components: E1212 MOXA Ethernet I/O
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite (VCS) locally hosted


  1. Set IP on Venus Control Suite (VCS) computer to
  2. Set IP on GS6 display to See DD3210983.
  3. Set IP of MOXA Ethernet I/O E1212 to
    1. Use the ioSearch software to find the MOXA I/O device.
    2. Select E1212 to show the device settings.
    3. Select Network Settings followed by Ethernet Configuration in the left column.
    4. Select Submit.
    5. Select Save/Restart.
  4. Set LAN IP of Router to (See router documentation for details.)
  5. Connect VCS computer, GS6 display, and MOXA I/O E1212 to router. (Connect all to LAN ports on router).
  6. Configure GS6 display for VCS computer and add display into VCS.
  7. Create default message(s) and playlist for display (can be blank message if desired) and publish to display. (If Overlay zone is already created then the playlist needs to play to the Primary zone.)
  8. Log into the DMP Webpage interface & configure RTD on Player for Sign Zone Mapping.
    1. Under the configuration section for RTD, set up a Sign Mapping where 0 maps to Primary and 1 maps to a Primary/Overlay. Refer to image bPlayer RTD.jpg
    2. In the Data Sources section, select DM-100 from the Available Sources list. Click Add. Refer to image above.
  9. Configure GPIO for RTD by browsing to and configuring per image below.   (Please note checkmarks)                                                                                    
  10. MOXA IO_Config.jpg
  11. Set up layout in VCS.
    1. Select the Settings icon (gear).
    2. Select the Layouts menu on the left column.
    3. Select New Layout. Name the layout Overlay, verify the sign size, and select continue.
    4. Set the zone to dictate which area is represented. Rename the zone Overlay and select Save.
  12. Add the Overlay to the display.
    1. From the VCS Dashboard, select the Display icon (monitor). The display and its current configuration is shown.
    2. Select the Layouts menu and select Add Layout.
    3. Select Overlay and select Done. Select Save.
  13. Add Triggered content to Player.
    1. Use an FTP software (e.g. Filezilla) to connect to the player's IP address.
      1. Connect using port 22.
      2. Login with username of vnet and password of dakpassv.
    2. Find the file location on the player: /usr/share/Daktronics/Content.
    3. Create new directory (folder) named "Local".
    4. Upload the content files to "usr/share/Daktronics/Content/Local". (Files must be PNG files of the same size of the display with a lower case .png extension. (Uppercase .PNG extension will not be recognized; name these with the following convention Message XX were XX is the switch that should trigger it. (e.g. Message 1 or Message 10.)
  14. Wire up the switches to the MOXA Ethernet I/O E1212 device. Please note that switch 1 is wired to DI0 and each following switch is sequentially wired (e.g. 2 is DI1, 3 is DI2, 4 is DI3...)
  15. Verify the Trigger
    1. Verify the display shows the playlist created in step 7.
    2. Trigger the MOXA Ethernet I/O E1212 device with one of the wired switches. (Please note that only one switch can be on at a time)
    3. Verify the sign changes from the playlist to triggered content.

KB ID: DD4102088

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