How do I set up a MOXA I/O device with a GS6 display


  • How to set up the GS6 DMP, VCS, and the MOXA Ethernet IO to allowed for triggered message control?


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product: GS6 display
  • Components: E1212 MOXA Ethernet I/O, ioSearch software, FileZilla
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite (VCS) locally hosted


  1. Install VCS on computer. 

  2. Configure DMP to talk to VCS Documents/Manuals/DD3016537.pdf 

  3. Configure Moxa I/O 

  4. Configure DMP to look at Moxa I/O 

    • Upload the I/0 service firmware to the controller using the firmware tab on the DMP. Moxa Firmware 

    • Using Chrome browser search the signs IP followed by /io/#/config.  Example: 

    • Make sure Enabled and ERTD (DM-100 Mode) is on. 

    • Select add device 

    • Add the IP of the Moxa.

    • Set the port to 502.

    • Then in drop down select Moxa(TM) iologik E1212

      • IMPORTANT If you set a password on the Moxa add the password by selecting the Key icon (left side of screen) on the I/O services Dashboard page.  URL example:

    • Verify the Poll Rate and Timeout values are set to "0".
    • Moxa IO.PNG
    • Select Save.  

    • Log into the DMP. 

    • Click the wrench icon on left side. 

    • Select RTD. 

    • Select add Mapping. 

    • Enter 1 for Sign number and name it Primary/Overlay. 

      • In Data Sources Add DM-100 to the selected sources.

    • See image below what it should look like when done.

    •  Player RTD.jpg

  5. Create your default message and switch messages in VCS.  How to Create Content in VCS. 

  6. Select the display tab on the left in VCS and select the display you are working with.

  7. Select layout and associate the layout you created to the display and select save.

  8. Save your switch message (vmpf files) to your desktop.  Note: Messages must be saved as Message 1 for switch 1, Message 2 etc.. These messages are case sensitive.  How to save content studio messages to desktop from VCS. 

  9. Store the messages to the locale folder on DMP. 

    • Download FileZilla. 

    • Open FileZilla and enter Host name (Signs IP). 

    • Enter the username and password.  Contact Daktronics for log in credentials. 

    • Enter port 22. 

    • Select connect. 

    • Create a folder named Local in this location /usr/share/Daktronics/Content. 

    • Transfer your switch messages over to this folder. 

    • local folder.PNG
  10. Using VCS create an Overlay.  

    • On the left-hand side click the tools icon. 

    • Select layouts. 

    • Select new layout. 

    • Name it Overlay. 

    • Select your size sign. 

    • Select continue. 

    • Select zone icon at the top.

    • Under position set the Height and Width of the sign.

    • Select Save. 

    • See figure below what it should look like when done.

    •  VCS overlay edit.PNG

  11. Create your default message playlist.  How to Create Playlist

  12. Wire up switches to Moxa and verify switches trigger messages.

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