How do I configure a scoreboard in All Sport Pro?


  • How to configure a scoreboard in All Sport Pro?


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Interfaces
  • Product: All Sport Pro UX
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  • Control System:
Use this to define the settings needed to communicate to a scoreboard or video display.  


  1. Log in and open the All Sport Pro application. 
    1. Double-click the All Sport Pro desktop icon to open the application in your default web browser. 
    2. Enter your Username and Password, and then click Login. The default Username is “admin” and the default Password is “pa$$word”. 
  2. Select the menu icon in the top left corner and pick Scoreboard from the slide out.
  3. Create a new scoreboard. 
  4. Click Add New.   
    1. Add a descriptive name for the scoreboard.  
    2. Enter the scoreboard's configuration.
See animation below: 
All Sport Pro_adding a scoreboard.gif

Scoreboard Communication (MDP): Select the method that will be used to communicate to fixed-digit scoreboard(s), either Serial or Network, as needed. 

Serial Port: Select an open serial (COM) port to output data to a fixed-digit scoreboard. When using a USB-to-Serial converter, the COM#’s may change depending on which USB port the converter gets plugged into. 

Network Interface: Select a network interface number from 1-6 that corresponds to the All Sport Pro Scoring Interface box. 

Radio Group/Radio Channel: Select the appropriate radio settings to communicate to fixed-digit scoreboard(s). The default setting for the radio receiver in a scoreboard is Broadcast Group 1, Channel 1. These settings will be visible when the scoreboard is first powered on as “b# C#”. Note: For more information about radio group/channel settings, refer to the documentation provided with the scoreboard. 

radio settings in clock digits.png

Data Source (ERTD): Select the data source number from 1-6 over which to broadcast Real-Time Data (RTD) to video scoreboards. 

Here is an example of a scoreboard configuration.  This example has 2 video displays.  They are configured to run together or can be split for separate control.  

Scoreboard Configuration example.png

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