How do I open content files from Display Studio buttons?


  • How do I open content files from Display Studio script lines or quick display buttons?​​
  • How do I open files up in Content Studio directly from inside a button?
  • How do I playback a file from a button on my Show Control user station?
  • How do I locate where a file inside a button is saved in File Explorer?


  • Product Family: Software; Control System
  • Product:​​​
  • Component: Content Studio, Show Control version 2.8+
  • Control System: Show Control System​ (SCS)
Efficiency improvement: This feature makes it easier/faster to locate and edit specific files.  


  1. Right click on the desired button and choose Properties.
  2. Locate the script line and button step where the file is selected, usually step 4
  3. Right-click on the file name. 
  4. Open the file:
      button properties open file.png
    1. Layout files will open to the default editor, this often is a notepad file.  
    2. Video or Image files will open in the default media viewer.
    3. VMPFs will open in Content Studio.

      1. Enter the Nucleus user name and login if prompted for a Content Studio login.  Check remember my usern​ame and password for future use.

      2. Choose a display/zone to open from if prompted.

  5. ​Alternately, the select View In Explorer to view the files in their location. 

​​​Note: This option is disabled with M3 controllers.

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