Adding or Editing Profiles in the Show Control Profile Editor, Adding .did files


  • Need to add updated .did file in the Show Control Profile Editor to match the updated line lengths for DXTR for their twitter feed. 


  • DMP-7000, VMAX4
  • DXTR for twitter, SCS, V7000


  • The content studio has several sports profiles preloaded in the dynamic data library, but occasionally there are situations where a profile needs to be customized. A profile includes the input information, and the .did template. 


  • Open the Profile Editor.  From the start menu on a Show Control Computer, it can be located at Daktronics/Utilities.
  • The username is administrator, and password is password.
  • To add a profile, click on the Plus Sign. If you want to edit an existing profile instead, drop down the list of Profiles and select the one you want.
  • Right click within the template list to see the options.
  • To add an input and a template, select Add Input/Template Pair…
  • Click on the Add Input… button. 
  • Add the input name and number. Reference the Standard RTD Inputs Quick Guide (ED-17652) for assistance.
  • Add the corresponding Template. Click on the Add Template… button and navigate to the appropriate .did file.
  • Save changes when complete. 


KB ID: DD2075631

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