How do I Create and Edit a Quick Display Container and Button in Display Studio?

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  • How do I create and edit quick display containers and buttons in Display Studio?
  • How do you make a button in a quick display container?




  • Product Family: Control System, Software
  • Product: 
  • Components: Display Studio Quick Display Container, DMP-7000, DMP-8000, M3
  • Control System: Show Control System (SCS)


Method #1: Linking a Quick Display Container to a Content Library.  (This automatically connects to a content folder and creates buttons.)
  1. Create a new Quick Display container by right-clicking in a workspace page, hovering over new and selecting Quick Display Container
  2. Click the drop down next to Display Name and select the sign or zone for the respective player you'd like this container to control
    Note: Quick Display containers are created 1 per sign/zone so if you choose DMP-7000/8000 Full Screen, you can't make a button within that container to control the Ad signs/zones, prompt sign/zones, etc. For multi-sign/zone control, follow the Scripting Container and Buttons KB: How do I Create Scripting Containers and Buttons in Display Studio?
  3. After selecting the display and sign/zone, click the Link to Library button to open the Library Browser window. Follow the steps illustrated in the video below: 
    Note: As of version 2.20 of Show Control, subfolders can now be used when linking to a Library
  4. Click Save. The Quick Display Container Properties screen will close and Display Studio will automatically create buttons for all the files in the library.
  5. The auto-generated buttons can be edited using the icon row (explained in the steps for method #2 below) by right clicking on a button and selecting properties
  6. When new files are added to the linked library, right-click within the Quick Display Container and select Refresh Library for the container to auto-create a new button for the added piece(s) of content
    Refresh Lib.png
Method #2: Creating Quick Display Buttons Individually
Note: Quick display buttons cannot be created individually if the quick display container is linked to a display library using Method #1
  1. After making a new Quick Display Container and selecting which display to control, save the new container. Next, right-click from within the Quick Display Container and select New Button to open the Button Creation Window.
    10-12-2012 11-40-46 AM.png
  2. To create a new button, the icons needed to add files, adjust playlist settings, etc. are located in a row at the top of the button:
    1. The folder icon lets you Insert or Add new file(s). Select the - symbol to remove the desired files
      Playlist improvements for quick display_with pause.png
    2. The stacked images icon lets you set Playlist Type. This determines the order the that the files will play
      quick display button_ stacked.png
      1. Normal Playlist - all files will be added to the queue in the order they are listed in the button
      2. Shuffle Playlist - all files will be added to the queue in a shuffled order
      3. Next Playlist - all files will be added to the queue one at a time and clicking the button again will add the next file in the playlist to the queue
      4. Random Playlist - all files will be added to the queue one at a time in a random order
    3. The clapboard icon lets you set Playlist Mode to be continuous or indicate the number of run times
      quick display button_ clapboard.png
    4. The pause symbol lets you set when a file or files will pause upon first playback or at the conclusion of the file(s)
      quick Display_playlist mode1.png
      1. As of version 2.20 of Show Control, 3 more pausing options have been added for more control over playlists
    5. The circular arrow icon lets you set the Duration or Repeat Count on the selected files
      quick Display_repeat.png
    6. The arrow icon lets you set the entry Transitions on the selected files
      quick display_transition.png
    7. The speaker icon lets you set the audio levels on the selected files.  This allows normalization and options to play alternate audio files
      quick display_audio offset.png
    8. The 7th icon lets you set the Mark In/Mark Out points on the selected files.  This is for animations and clips
       MI and MO11.png
    9. The final icon lets you set the thumbnail
      quick display_thumbnail.png
  3. Save the button

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