Why High Schools Around the US Are Installing Daktronics Video Displays

Small schools, large schools, rural schools and urban schools. Now many more of them have something in common – a Daktronics video display.


Categories: High School Sports

Daktronics installed 55 new video displays in schools this quarter alone. Why are so many of them joining the Daktronics community?

To Increase Entertainment

Showcase athletes. Get the crowd pumped up. Show the competition who’s boss. A Daktronics display takes every game to the next level for years to come. That’s because Daktronics is the  only company that designs, builds and tests all our products before we provide them to you.

To Generate Revenue

What if we told you that a video display can pay for itself, and actually add money to your budget? Schools that go digital and partner with Daktronics Sports Marketing bring in an average of $40 thousand in revenue per year!

To Develop Students

High school students who work on a Daktronics system have a real advantage, because the same Daktronics control technology is very common in college and professional stadiums. Daktronics offers a curriculum to help schools make it happen.

We encourage our customers use this community of schools using the same products and control systems from Daktronics. Follow #DakSchools on Facebook and Twitter to see what is happening. If you’re already using Daktronics video be sure to have your sales rep add you to our Facebook Users Community to get some behind the scenes tips from schools across the US.

Want to see how to make that awesome effect that you saw at someone’s stadium? Do you wonder how students are engaging in the process? How are other schools involving the community? We’ll get you in touch!