Where Is My Playlist?

“I used to make changes to my playlists on the left-hand side menu… where did they go?”

David Grotzinger on 8/3/2022

Categories: Venus Control Suite Training

If it is your first time logging into Venus Control Suite in a while you might notice a change. You used to access your playlists underneath “Media” on the left, but something is missing. This is due to our new Scheduling App Update!  

The Scheduling App is where you will be able to find all your past, and currently running playlists, as well as the ability to create new ones! You can think of this as a better playlist section, as new features or looks have come with it to make the workflow easier!  

You can get there by opening the App Suite or the 9-box icon at the top right. Most of the time you will navigate here for the Scheduling App, but you will also see some useful Apps such as: Data Studio, Reporting, Web editor, and more depending on the VCS Package you have.  


Check out the links to find a helpful video, as well as taking a deeper look into the Scheduling App and its features: