Welcome to an improved Venus® Control Suite experience

Venus Control Suite now provides operators with simpler control, better organization, and easier access to every app.

Daktronics Control Panel on 10/5/2020

Categories: Business & Community, Out of Home Advertising, Venus Control Suite Training

Venus® Control Suite keeps improving, with an updated experience for simpler control. The home screen is now cleaner and easier to organize with My Apps.

The new Venus Control Suite experience makes it easier and more efficient to open individual applications and also to work within multiple apps. Initially, the available apps include Data Studio, Web Editor and Reports (based on licensing).

We want our Venus Control Suite users to have the best experience possible. By adding these new features, we are improving navigation between features, allowing our customers to tailor their system and streamline their workday.

Bill Hadsell, Daktronics product manager

Venus Control Suite is the only content management system in the industry that is ideally designed and suited for building, delivering, and managing content for LCD- and LED-based display systems for indoor and outdoor applications. Daktronics provides apps within the platform that focus on the customer, providing just the right capabilities at the right price for their specific objectives.

Through the new experience, operators can take advantage of a wide range of easy-to-use baseline capabilities designed to deliver specific value. They can also tailor the system to their specific application needs. As users become familiar with the apps, they will notice a similarity to other industry standard programs, making this an easy transition.