Transform Digital 2D Canvases with Forced Perspective

The Display. The Content. The Experience. Using forced perspective to create immersive 3D experiences.

Daktronics Control Panel on 4/29/2021

Categories: Pro Sports and Colleges

Transform digital 2D canvases into dynamic, one-of-a-kind 3D experiences. Daktronics Professional Services creates forced perspective graphics to deliver unique and memorable content. It can be used in a unique creative application to build brands, tell stories and wow audiences.

One of the exciting developments in motion graphics is simulating three dimensional effects in a real physical space. This technique turns a flat video display’s content into incredible 3D imagery that stands alone when compared to typical animated or static content.

The production of a 3D experience can occur when multiple displays are arranged into a box-like form or creative content is executed in an intentional way on a single display. Forced perspective creates the illusion of depth by manipulating the scale and size of images based on the viewers’ vantage point.

Integrating this technique requires a good understanding of your technology, controllers and content. Daktronics Professional Services Team has the skills and experience necessary to assist and guide you along that journey to forced perspective.

Forced perspective is a two-part process beginning with building the environment and ending with creative execution. The technique is as simple as establishing a vanishing point creating the illusion of a virtual ‘frame’ within the display.

While this application can work on single displays, it is ideal when multiple displays converge in a natural 3D environment to help with the creation of depth from a predetermined vantage point.

Forced perspective is ideal in the following instances:

  • Exterior corners where the display wraps on two faces
  • Suspended displays with a bottom (or top) LED plane
  • Entryways, atriums or lobbys where traffic moves towards a single display

It can be executed on existing digital signage, but our team can also help demonstrate the application with conceptual renderings in the instance of adding the necessary technology to engage an audience.

Check out these examples of forced perspective:

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