The Halftime Show Must Go On

That’s the end of the first half! During the pandemic, schools are finding halftime looks different as some of the traditions have changed.


Categories: High School Sports

Here are a few of our favorites from this season.

Crowd singalongs
It’s great timing to learn the words to the school songs. Prompt the crowd with the words and watch the school spirit soar!

Celebrity dance party
Whether it’s a coach, principal, student, parent, notable alumni or politician – pick a song and have them dance it out – the crowd can vote for who has the best moves. It can either be pre-recorded or shown live on the big screen.

Trivia questions & animated games
Always a crowd pleaser! Ask questions on who holds school records or figure out where the ball went in the shuffle game. Click here and see examples you can order and have ready for your next game.

Teacher spotlights
Whether silly or sentimental, crowds will look forward to the teacher of the game video. Video production classes are often a good resource for pulling these together. Check out this example from College Park High School in Texas. 

“How to Play Football”
Walt Disney’s Goofy takes center stage with this fun cartoon. Countless other football movie or TV clips may also fill the break.

Sponsor highlights
Attendance may look different this year, making it a great time to maximize your sponsorships. Whether it’s a short interview on camera or playing their advertisement on screen, sponsors will remember the extra effort you put in for 2020.

Out-of-town scoreboard
Use a real-time data feed to connect to showcase scores in other towns or even updates on professional sport games.

Photo & video recap of first half
Show photos of players, coaches, cheerleaders, student managers, media crew and crowd shots from the first half. Fans enjoy looking at the video board to find people they know.

Statistical summary of first half events
First half statistics are at your fingertips in the DakStats software. Fans appreciate seeing how they have stacked up to the competition thus far.

Highlight other activities & events
There’s a lot going on in the fall, even during a pandemic. Showcase the accomplishments of other sports – volleyball, cross country, tennis, soccer – or provide highlights of the junior varsity and freshman teams. Promote students talents – show recording of the oral interp winners, images of your artists’ work or a song from the choir’s latest rehearsals.

Need more ideas to fill your half time show?