Midwest Credit Union Goes Full-Color

Learn why Glacier Hills Credit Union plans to install four more LED signs at other locations.  


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Recently, the main office of Glacier Hills Federal Credit Union, located in West Bend, Wisconsin, installed a new Daktronics LED sign. For eleven years, they used a monochrome sign supplied by a different provider.

Has the new LED sign been a worthwhile investment?

“The sign has made an impact on our business. Going from a one-color, with one to two lines of text to a full-color, animated display really caught the attention of the passersby,” says Travis Livingood, Glacier Hills Credit Union director of marketing.

A big-box retailer opened behind the credit union, providing a new target audience. “The Daktronics sign allows us to communicate with their customers as they walk out of the store,” Livingood says.

The credit union also started running “Community Strong” messages. “The visibility we give to local and nonprofit events is creating great good will in our community,” says Livingood.

More effective, easy control

After dealing with the former sign’s restrictions, it’s exciting to see the new sign’s impact. “Animation and a lot of different colors really catch people’s eyes,” Livingood says.

And as for the control software, “The system is very easy to edit and make changes, even from my mobile device,” he says.

Future plans

The sign’s return on investment impressed Glacier Hills Credit Union so much, they’ve made plans to install four more LED signs at other locations.