Manual copy boards just aren’t worth it. Digital has the advantage.

From misunderstood messaging to employee safety, digital signage can make all the difference to your business. Daktronics gives you some real-life examples of how digital LED boards are a vast improvement over manual copy boards.


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If you are still using a manual copy board, you know the ins and outs. You understand how challenging it is to keep clear and engaging messaging out there to attract customers. You have probably dealt with weather issues that kept you or your employees from changing the message in a timely manner. Maybe one of you has even gone a little overboard in trying to change the sign. (Anyone ever stood on the top of a ladder, for example?)

Daktronics presents another option. When you go digital, you change the entire narrative for your business.

As DQ® store owner Tim LeFevre says, it creates a welcoming front door.

“Signs are your front door, and you need to get people in,” he says. “If you show a picture of what you’re selling along with the name, people know what it is. A picture really is worth a thousand words.”-Tim LeFevre, Owner of 10 DQ stores in West Virginia

Is your copy board missing the mark?

We’ve all seen them: Boards that mean one thing but say another. This can – at best, be distracting or misleading, and at worst, give your business a proverbial black eye.

At any rate, if you don’t have the exact numbers or symbols on hand, or if your employee is having a lazy day, your sign can project the wrong image.

On the other hand, you can change the messaging on a digital sign quickly and easily. You can display anything that’s on sale and have total control over pricing. An added bonus is that Venus Control Suite gives you that control from anywhere, anytime, and from any smart device.

Timing is crucial

Whether you are running a special, want to push a specific product, or just want to send birthday greetings to a special customer, you can do it on your digital sign. And you can do it almost instantly.

You can avoid situations like one of our Daktronics team members saw as he sat at a fastfood restaurant.

“I timed the employee, who was changing one side of the sign with a letter wand in December, and it took her 32 minutes. This employee likely had over two hours in the job of changing the message!”-Todd Spies, Daktronics Account Manager

You also have the ability to schedule your content, so you can basically set it up for the week, knowing that your customers are seeing timely, relevant content to drive them into your store.

You can keep the conversation going, just like 12th Street Auto Care Center and Hidden Valley Animal Hospital!

Plus, you’ll avoid keeping content on your sign long after it’s appropriate. Not a good look for a thriving business.

Better safe than sorry

Safety is always an issue, and manual copy boards are notoriously difficult to update. We’ve spotted people changing out their signs in creative ways, and we’re always relieved when they don’t get hurt.

With Daktronics digital sign, you will NEVER have to get up on a ladder to change your sign. You can do it from your phone! Your employees will certainly thank you.

“It made our life a lot easier already. We don’t have to go out and change the sign manually every day. The quality of our message and the speed of putting it out there is the biggest benefit. The pictures and words together are way more quality than a manual board. It’s much safer as well.”-Tyler Thuringer, Owner of the County Fair Food Store in Watertown, SD