Increase Your Exposure and Profits with Digital Signs

How can owners build traffic and stimulate in-store sales with digital signage?


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Convenience retailers want to increase sales and get more customers inside the store. To do this, they need to enhance their brand, stay on top of fuel price changes, give customers a great buyer experience and compete with other c-stores. And these days, c-stores compete with quick serve restaurants, too.

These challenges may seem overwhelming, but we believe that using digital signage at your facility will allow you to thrive and not just survive. Cenex, Kwik Trip, Holiday, Wawa and many other companies are embracing digital signage.


From the roadway and into the store, digital signs get noticed and generate more traffic.

Impulse buying

Five to 6 Americans impulse buy, according to recent statistics. It accounts for 30-50% of all sales. Think about all that unplanned spending and your digital signs at every customer touchpoint in your store. It’s easy to understand the potential of these signs to stimulate your sales. 

Now, let’s talk more in depth about how digital signs can help you increase traffic.

Outdoor LED signs – the roadway

First, optimize your property by installing an outdoor digital sign. NACS March 2019 statistics reveal that 44% of gas customers come inside the store; 56% don’t. Whittle down that statistic by promoting in-store products on your LED sign.

Identify what sets you apart and promote those items/services on your outdoor LED sign to stimulate impulse buys. After all, how else can you inform passersby that you have an ATM machine, clean bathrooms and most of all, fresh food in your store? Do you offer packaged meals or a local favorite? Ads of your most popular items will pull hungry travelers off the road and onto your location to buy more items.

Do you have a convenient way to update prices? You want your fuel content to show the most competitive prices. Daktronics offers c-stores the capability to promote fuel prices, as well as products, on their outdoor LED sign. Use our Fuel Price Data Kit with your POS to promote prices on the outdoor display. Get the maximum use from the outdoor LED sign by catching the eyes of travelers needing a refill and an in-store item.

Into the store!

An important new direction for c-stores is offering food options, from fresh entrees to grab-and-go items. The outdoor LED sign and fuel displays draw people into your store. Once inside, digital menu boards will stimulate impulse buying. C-store venues offer many available touchpoints that give customers a streamlined digital experience.

Chains like Wawa use digital signs to promote food first, then fuel. Years ago, c-stores were the last place customers would go for food, but now millennials stop to buy healthy, fresh options. Digital signage in your store promote high-margin items, new products and discount offers.