Events at Towson University Brought to Life With Daktronics Producer On Site

On game-day, maximizing your display by creating an engaging fan experience is vital. That’s why we provide technical and creative solutions to take your game-day experience to the next level.

Daktronics Control Panel on 12/2/2021

Categories: Pro Sports and Colleges

Towson isn’t the only college, university or professional team to have full-time Daktronics event producers. It’s sort of a specialty of ours and we share that with seven other organizations around the country as we help maximize their displays and reduce the workload on their own staff. Where are those Daktronics producers located? Let’s take a look.

Daktronics Event Producers are on-site and responsible for event production at:

  • South Dakota State University: Since 2005
  • University of Georgia: Since 2005
  • University of Florida: Since 2006
  • MetLife Stadium: Since 2010
  • James Madison University: Since 2011
  • Old Dominion University: Since 2019
  • Auburn University: Since 2020
  • Towson University: Since 2021

These partners rest easy knowing the trained and experienced producers will take care of all the details for game-day events. Each of these sites customize their production to achieve their unique goals. Not every event, location or institution is the same. So each has their own personalized solution to engage their audiences in the best way possible while using the equipment at hand.

Our event producers are there to capitalize on existing production strengths while also filling any necessary gaps. They can manage existing production staff but can also hire, train and schedule other positions as necessary, including a technical director, camera operators, video replay operators, computer graphics personnel, scoreboard and stats operators, and other live production professionals. Together, they create an immersive live event experience and maximize any venues’ display investment.

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