Celebrate Graduates On Your LED Display

Graduates deserve the spotlight. Whether it’s on the field, in the gym, or brought in just for the occasion, your Daktronics LED digital display can make graduation day special. Get ideas and find easy ways to put on an amazing production. Daktronics can help you do it!


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Chances are, you’ve made some adjustments to your graduation ceremonies over the last couple of years. No matter how your ceremony will look, here are a few tips to help make your graduation production easier, while keeping the graduates in the spotlight.

Learn from other Schools.

The last couple years schools had to use a lot of trial and error. What worked and what didn’t? You can take those nuggets from your own school, and learn from others, too. We interviewed an event production professional who covered how the community pulled together for a graduation ceremony in 2020. The podcast episode highlighted what worked and what didn’t (spoiler: wider rows or drive-in style are good). You can listen to the podcast starting at 6 minutes in. There are also a lot of great conversations between schools doing the work in our Daktronics High School Users Community.

Get professional headshot templates.

If you want to make your graduates stand out on your video display, Daktronics creative professionals can help. Get in touch with us, and we’ll put your seniors’ photos in your choice of 3 templates to run on our digital board during the ceremony. We’re offering packages of 100 headshots for $175. You just provide the names and photos 3 weeks prior to your ceremony, and we’ll return the graphics to you in time to upload your show to your display. Email entertain@daktronics.com to lock in your spot in the queue. 

Live stream the event.

It can be hard for some people to see their graduate walk across that stage. By using a live feed on your display, not only can everyone there see it well, but you can also stream the event to loved ones all over the world. Use your current live stream platform, or find out more about BigStream, which provides people at home the same experience as those in the facility.

Use animations and text.

Students can create their own experience with animations and text for graduation day. Get professionally made content, some fresh ideas or download free graphic elements and backgrounds from our media kit library.

Software is your friend.

Use Show Control and Venus Control Suite’s Content Studio to scroll the names of your graduates. You can set it up ahead of time, even copying and pasting from other sources to help eliminate errors.

Make graduation extra special with your Daktronics LED digital display! Be sure to get in touch if you want us to help you put your graduates up in lights. Email entertain@daktronics.com.