All Sport Pro: Soccer Package

As we continue developing our All Sport Pro software with flexibility and simplicity in mind, we have created a new package exclusively for collegiate and professional soccer stadiums.


Categories: High School Sports, Pro Sports and Colleges

Your gameday production just got easier. All Sport Pro is the only solution on the market that can control both video and scoring from one device.

Wireless Control from Any Device

You can operate All Sport Pro on a laptop, tablet or phone. A wireless connection capability, you have freedom to roam anywhere in the stadium or gymnasium while controlling the game. And, the simple interface makes scoring so easy, both your five-year-old son and eighty-year-old grandma could do it.

Single Operator Video and Scoring Control

If you have only one person available to run your board, that’s fine – All Sport Pro allows one person to singlehandedly control both a video board and fixed-digit scoreboard. If you have two people available, you can ramp up the production even more.

New Release: Professional Soccer Package

The latest and greatest news surrounding All Sport Pro is our new professional soccer package. Our international customers expressed their need for a simple, easy way to use their video boards to their full potential. We gave them a solution with vastly more capabilities than our traditional All Sport 5000, without the need to run our all-inclusive Show Control Studio.

Having both scoring and video controls in the same place allows users to pre-configure automatic controls. For example, changing the score when a goal is made triggers an animated graphic to celebrate that goal.

Listen to our podcast to learn more about the All Sport Pro software and the development of our soccer package.