How do I Create Scripting Containers and Buttons in Display Studio?


  • In Display Studio, how do you create scripting containers and scripting buttons?
  • How do you make a button in Display Studio?


  • Product Family: Software, Control System
  • Product:
  • Components: Display Studio Scripting Container Buttons, DMP-7000, DMP-8000
  • Control System: Show Control System (SCS)

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NOTES: The creation of scripting containers is the same across all versions of Show Control as are steps 1-3 of the button making process. Step 4 of creating a button has significant changes that are detailed below with the release of Show Control, version 2.15.

If you are using Show Control version 2.14 or below, step 4 won't have a new icon row, but it will still be where content is added to the button. The button's playmode will be set in step 5 and content transitions will be set in step 6. See the end of this KB for reference to these steps.

One Time Steps 

If you don't already have a Workspace, Workspace Page, or Scripting container, follow the steps below. If you do, skip ahead to the Repeatable Steps detailing how to make buttons.

  1. Launch Display Studio
  2. Click the cube icon in the top left corner, then hover over New, choose Workspace, then click New Workspace Page
  3. Within the workspace page, right click anywhere in the grey area
  4. Click New, then click Scripting Container
  5. Give the container a name and click save
    SC 2.png

Repeated Steps 

  1. Within the newly created scripting container, right click and select New Button
    1. Step 1: Choose the player the button will be controlling
    2. Step 2: Choose the zone/window the button will be controlling. Use the search bar above the zones to filter zones if needed.
      NB2.png  NB3.png
    3. Step 3: Choose what the button's function will be. In most cases, it will be play
    4. Step 4: Choose the content to be played by clicking Add and navigating to the correct folder housing the desired content. With the updates to Show Control in version 2.15+, new features have been added to step 4 of a button. To access these new features, highlight the selected content, and then click the gear icon in the upper left corner to reveal a row of new icons
      Script Button 1.png
      1. The first icon is a Clapboard and this controls the playmode of the button. Content can be set to run continuously or a certain number of times
         Script_clapboard playmode.png
      2. The Pause icon is for configuring pause modes.  Customize the behavior for that specific file or playlist.  For more details, see: How do I use pause modes in Show Control with DMP-8000?
        Script_pause modev1.png
      3. The third icon is a Circular Arrow and it sets the content duration or repeat count
        Script_Circular Repeat.png
      4. The fourth icon is an Arrow and it allows you to set a transition to the selected content. You can also set the transition duration. Some transitions, such as cover, push, etc. will also require you to set a transition direction
        Script_Arrow transition.png
      5. The fifth icon is a Speaker Phone and this controls the audio settings for the content. You can adjust volume levels, turn the audio embedded within the file off, or select a new audio file to play with the selected content
        Script_speaker audio.png
      6. The sixth icon represents the Mark In/Mark Out feature. You can set a custom start and end point for any piece of animated content or video by grabbing the end points of the scrub bar and moving them in or out
        Script_mark in out.png
      7. The seventh and final icon is a Thumbnail and it controls the image used as the button's thumbnail. The scrub bar can be used to determine which frame of the content to use as the button's thumbnail. If the content selected in step 4 is a still, the scrub bar will be greyed out.
        Note: Thumbnails can also be selected by clicking the thumbnail icon located in the top right of the button widget next to the color swatch
  2. To finish button creation, give the button a name (the button will default to say play if a name is not created)
    Script Button 7.png
  3. You can also give the button a color by selecting the color swatch in the top right hand corner of the button
  4. If more scripting lines are required, click the star icon next to step 1 and then the + icon. Repeat steps 2-6 for button creation as needed.
  5. Click save and then click the button to test it

Show Control Version 2.14 or Below

  1. Step 4 Click add to select the button's content. Highlight the content and select the gear icon to set the content's duration or audio
    Old Step 4.png
  2. Step 5 Set the content's playmode to loop continuously or run a set number of times
    Old Step 5.png
  3. Step 6 Set an entry transition for the content. Duration of the transitions can also be set as well as transition direction for transitions such as cover, push, etc.
    Old Step 6.png

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