Scoreboard section has 6 of 15 digits flickering; Failed digit or digits

Potential Symptoms

  • BA-1524-11 has 6 digits flickering out of 15 and has only one driver.
  • Have 24VDC out of both power supplies and the driver enclosure fan works.
  • The 6 digits also flicker when using an all on test with the all sport 3000 console.


  • Product Family: Scoreboard
  • Product: BA-1524-11
  • Component: Digit
  • Control System: All Sport 3000 console hard wired signal


  • The HOME HITS (J13) and HOME ERRORS (J14) digits have failed.


  • Isolated the flickering digits by unplugging their harnesses from the driver and found that the rest of the digits would flicker when either J13 or J14 were connected to the driver.
  • Accessed the digits connected to J13 and J14 on the driver, and found that the digit flickers when the plug connection at the digit is touched.
  • Replace those two digits.

KB ID: DD4642875

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