DMP not starting up, power button stuck down or held down

Potential Symptoms

  • The green power LED on the DMP is not lit even though there is proper power going to it.
  • Unable to ping or connect to the DMP.
  • There is no network link to it.
  • Power cycling it doesn't resolve the problem.


  • Product Family: Billboards
  • Product: BLD-0100, DB-6400
  • Component: DMP (Axiomtek eBox560-300)
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite, Visiconn, 3rd party player


  • This DMP has a power button on it.
  • If it is held down or stuck in the down position the DMP will not turn on.


  • Remove whatever is holding the power button down.
  • Or, if it is stuck, it's possible to dislodge it with a screwdriver.

KB ID: DD4618450

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